Ceiling Pot Lights or Recessed Lights are an option that when used strategically can work wonders to your property — but they can also turn your ceiling into Swiss cheese and blanket your space in a dull light.


No matter how well-designed your home, bad lighting can really kill the mood.

The goal for recessed lighting is to add not only visibility but also interest and ambiance to your environment. Consequently, layering your lighting is critical. Correspondingly combine recessed lights with a variety of other types. Options like decorative pendants, table lamps, and sconces make rooms feel balanced and inviting.

Ceiling Potlights

Ceiling Pot Lights

This idea applies well to modern spaces, where recessed lighting is most often used. Also furthermore to traditional settings, such as old townhouses, where strategically placed recessed lights can work wonders.

Kitchen Ceiling Pot Lights Installation

Kitchen Ceiling Potlights

Luckily we provide these facilities for residential houses as well as commercial buildings. At Zeus electric we have a wide range of bulbs including halogens, incandescent and LED bulbs. As a result we are able to advise you on fixtures that meet and satisfy any style.

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To begin with, there are a few important points to consider when deciding on ceiling pot lights options, these include the following:

When to install and how

Accent Ceiling Pot lights Design

Living Room Recessed Lighting

Initially, your option is to install is during New Construction, which is done before putting in place the ceiling dry wall. Similarly this will also be a good option for a suspended ceiling, acoustic ceiling and drop ceiling.

In contrast, if the drywall has already been put in place and the ceiling is finished your best option would be Retrofit pot lights.

When there is no physical contact with insulation it is not mandatory to go for IC (Insulated Contact) rated housing. However, it is absolutely necessary to use an IC – rated housing, due to the fact it will be in physical contact to insulation.

Choosing among the many options available may require some assistance by professionals in the field. Hence this why we are here! Our site has clear photos and illustrations of all options for the convenience of our customers. Conveniently, we are also ALWAYS happy to assist with any questions by email or phone call.

Choose the right Trim Style

Potlight Trim finish styles

Potlight Trim Finishes

We all know that beauty is in the details. Helpfully, At Zeus we have access to many different trims providing a large amount of options in design, color and style. Choosing the right trims can make even the most unremarkable ceiling feel well-thought-out and refined.

High-end fixtures are offered in metallic finishes that look great in wood ceilings. In contrast, for more minimal applications, you should install flangeless (rimless) fixtures that are inserted into the ceiling to look seamless.

Because of our wide variety, we provide the option for adjustable trims (Gimbal trim) which points light onto a given area like a wall hanging painting or an artifact.

To decorate your room with some particular lighting patterns, you should consider glass trims. Due to the many styles and tastes available, we provide various other options including:

  • Gimbal – have adjustable trims.
  • Baffle – have minimized glare.
  • Pinhole – the opening is very narrow.
  • Wall wash – produces beam that focuses on the wall/wall painting.
  • Shower – will suit moist places, for example, bathrooms.

Size Matters

Pot Light Sizes

Pot Light Sizes

In conclusion, At Zeus, we have Potlights available in different sizes, with most of them falling within the range of 1-8 inches. There are also miniature pot lights, but these are commonly used in illuminating the insides of cabinets, bookshelves and stairways.

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