First of all, why consider Commercial Lighting?

A healthy working environment plays a vital role in employee productivity and as a result, overall performance of the workplace. Therefore this environment should include proper facilities, perfect infrastructure and most importantly, a suitable lighting system.

Notably, modern experts suggest that a healthy office environment should have a mix of natural lighting with an effortless merge of artificial lighting. Above all, nothing beats artificial lights like LEDs.

LEDs are not just energy efficient and eco-friendly, but they are also beautiful and give the office a modern yet comforting look. Additionally they are actually proven to improve the performance of the employees and general business bottom line.

Commercial lighting - Office led panel lights

Commercial Lighting – LED Panel Lights


Commercial recessed lighting

Commercial Lights

Undeniably when renovating commercial space, lighting and lighting fixtures are a big factor in creating the proper environment for productivity. Moreover did you know good lighting in the workplace can increase productivity by 25%?

It has been proven that lighting influences emotions. For instance, with the right combination of lighting design and interior design in the office, employee productivity and work enjoyment can be boosted significantly.


Recessed Architectural Lighting
Recessed Architectural Office Lighting Design

Recessed Office Lighting

As a matter of fact recessed architectural lighting will make a small room feel large, open and airy. Impressively recessed lighting can create eye-catching and unique designs. For example, with more modern looks, try using recessed lighting designs on walls and ceilings.

Oversize Fixtures
Oversize Fixtures - Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Oversize lighting fixtures increase comfort in commercial space. For example in open offices, where ceilings are high with plenty of overhead space. Large pendants and suspensions are the perfect solution for filling in the open area and warming up the atmosphere.

Choosing the right oversize fixture will have your employees working productively in a perfectly lit environment.

Pendant Lights
Commercial Pendant Lights Design

Pendant Lights

Colored or vintage pendants are great statement pieces for areas of collaborative work. They will also add energy and excitement to the atmosphere. Furthermore pendant lights are optimal for creating the best environment for groups to share creative ideas and solutions for projects.

Generally for a modern office, try combining large oversize colored pendants for a high-energy feel. Alternatively you can also try a pop-of-color with smaller pendants to add an accent and liveliness to the room.

Other Options
Medical Office Equipment and Lighting Installation

Medical Office Lighting

Options available are LED panels, fluorescent lights, metal halides, halogen lamps and incandescent lights.

Commercial Lighting Expert Advice


Undeniably for the best results it is important to rely on skilled electricians who are licensed to carry out all project and installation works.


Commercial building lighting

Commercial Lighting

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