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First of all, would you like to refresh your kitchen without installing a new sink or backsplash? Does a full kitchen renovation seem like too big of a project right now? Luckily, you don’t need to take on a full gut job to add some style to your kitchen and make it look fresh. Rather, all you need to do is install a new light (or two!) and you’ll be set.

Above all one of the most important parts of the kitchen design process is deciding how to light the room. Due to the multifunctional nature of the kitchen the lighting used plays a huge part and therefore can make or break the space so consequently it needs to be just right.

Ideally, kitchen lighting should allow you to prepare food with ease and in contrast also have the ability to create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining guests. In other words the lighting should be just as versatile as the room itself.

Recessed kitchen lighting

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Furthermore, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It’s where we sort mail, prepare signature meals for those we love and gather with our friends after dinner parties. This multi-functional highly visible space needs layers of illumination to make it really shine including task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting.

For the most effective and attractive kitchen lighting design certainly plan task lighting first to give you light where you really need it then add accent lighting for visual interest. Add your general lighting last to fill the space with just the right amount of ambient light. Combine all three layers of light with the right kitchen light fixtures and dimmers resulting in a recipe for kitchen design success.

Task Lighting


Kitchen Lighting - Task Lighting Design

Kitchen Task Lighting

Task lighting focuses on a specific area to most noteworthy provide targeted illumination for accomplishing jobs. Imagine yourself in the kitchen and think about whatever you normally do there and where you probably do it. Break the kitchen up into the individual task areas that need light. Certainly consider cabinets, drawers, countertops, pathways and the sink.

Pendant lights are pretty common in task lighting because they are usually designed to hang from the ceiling where they can be adjusted to any height. Furthermore they are now available in modern and beautiful fixtures that are hung using a single chord. If you use the kitchen island for food prep and other tasks you will need targeted task lighting before you can think about decorating with pendants.

While the kitchen island is often the place for decorative fixtures like pendants, most pendants distribute light in all directions rather than providing focused beams of light to adequately illuminate counter tops. Consider adjustable accent heads or recessed fixtures even more to light the tasks on kitchen islands. Furthermore, Decorative pendants can indeed be added as an additional layer of lighting later.

Accent Lighting


Kitchen Accent Lighting - Pendant Lights Design

Kitchen Accent Lighting

In conclusion, once you have the task lighting you need, positively use accent lighting to draw attention to architectural details and other points of interest in the kitchen. As a result, this will highlight elements such as artwork or other displays.

Beneficially, lighting under your cabinets can add both accent and task lighting to your kitchen design providing utility and elegance to your space. Most remarkable and highly suggested are LED Pot lights or LED light Strips which will work wonders in accent lighting. Also as an added benefit they are conveniently very inexpensive to use and maintain.

Ambient Lighting


Kitchen Lighting - Ambient Lighting Design

Ambient Kitchen Lighting

In Summary, by the time you have accounted for all of your task and accent lighting in the kitchen, therefore you should not need much more additional light to fill in the space. Most likely merely a well-placed chandelier and/or decorative pendant lighting can do the final trick. This is the opportunity to incorporate decorative fixtures to let your personal style show through.

While Hydro bills are consistently increasing in the GTA, consequently the use of kitchen appliances can greatly inflate your electric bill. Primarily it is wise and highly suggested to cut on energy costs where possible. Consider these two tips to assist in reducing electric consumption:

  • Most importantly use LED lighting whenever possible
  • Install a dimmer switch for use in mood lighting e.g. when entertaining guests

For most people, weighing all kitchen lighting options can be a bit challenging. Hence this is where one should consider advice by professionals. At Zeus Electric we are very proud of our stellar reputation in installing kitchen ceiling lights in Toronto and the GTA. Most importantly, we ensure all Kitchen lighting projects are always handled by trained and certified professionals. Feel free to contact one of our experts today!

Feel free to contact one of our experts today!


under above cabinet lights installation - Zeus Electric

Under & Above Cabinet Lights

The Benefits of Under & Above Cabinet Lighting

If you are still on the fence about whether to invest the time and money into this type of home lighting, here are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Lower Your Energy Bill:

Under & Above cabinet lighting actually will save you money on your energy bill, especially if you install LED lights. It saves money because you don’t have to light up the whole room to see what you are doing while cooking.

Less Shadows:

Because you are not standing between the light and the counter there are less shadows you have to deal with. Shadows can impede your ability to cook therefore having adequate lighting can be very helpful.

Add Unique Style:

Under and Above cabinet lighting is also able to add a unique style to your kitchen due to the layered aspect of the lights. As a result, having a unique and modern style in your kitchen can add value to your home.

Enhance Interior Value:

LED Strips can enhance the way a room looks. Thus if they are installed correctly, this type of lighting can make a room shine. Therefore if you’re looking for a cost efficient way to add safety and efficiency to your kitchen, consider installing Under/Above cabinet lights.

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns about Under/Above cabinet lights in the Toronto area, please feel free to visit our contact page or call Zeus Electric at 647-391-3947 today!


inside cabinet lights - puck lights

Cabinet Kitchen Lights

Functional Lighting Brings Life to a Cabinet

Lighting the interior of a cabinet will add value to the kitchen because what used to be a dark area can now have efficient lighted space. Conveniently, we offer a full line of LED lighting solutions that will illuminate cabinets, pantries and even drawers. Additionally Available with automatic turn-on and dimmer switches.