Pot Light fixtures are flush with the ceiling, thus making them great for rooms with low ceilings.

Sometimes called Can Lights, Recessed Lights or Downlights, these fixtures have three main components that can define the type of recessed light. Most significantly— housing, trim style and bulb or lamp type.

Pot light fixture design

Pot Light Fixture Design

Cutting Edge Technology – Taking the market by storm

Technology in Potlight fixtures and lighting as a whole has recently been advancing at an increasingly fast pace.

Predictably, technology in Potlight fixtures and lighting in general has recently been advancing at an increasingly fast pace. Correspondingly, there are dozens of options to choose from on the market but one product stands out way beyond the crowd:

4″ Round LED Slim Profile Pot Light :

Product Details:

The Slim LED is a high performance Pot light. No recessed fixture required. At half of an inch thin, as a result it will fit almost anywhere you need an LED general light source. With it’s slim design, it is conveniently the perfect choice light source when you have joists or duct work in the way.

The Slim LED Pot Light is airtight, and rated for direct contact with insulation. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for soffits, drop ceilings, or any general purpose lighting applications.

Product Advantages:

  • 100%-10% Dimming capability.

  • Suitable for insulated ceiling applications.

  • Suitable for wet locations.

  • The fixture lens provides 120° beam spread.

  • Available in 3000 K, 4000 K or 5000 K color temperature.

Pot Light Housing

The housing is the actual light fixture. Hence it sits above the ceiling and holds the trim and the light bulb. This lost will conveniently help you find the housing that suits your needs:

New construction

New Construction Pot Light Housing

First of all,New construction housing is used in new homes or when adding a room onto your house, before the ceiling is installed.

Retrofit housing

Retro Fit Pot Light Housing

Retrofit housing is designed to allow installation in an existing ceiling.

Insulation-contact (IC)-rated housing

Insulation Contact Rated Pot Light Housing

Insulation-contact (IC)-rated housing is designed for direct contact with insulation. Non-IC housing must have at least 12 inches of clearance from insulation.

Airtight housing

Air Tight Pot Light Housing

Airtight housing reduces the airflow between the unconditioned space above (usually the attic) and the conditioned room below.

Shallow Housing

Shallow Ceiling Pot Light Housing

Shallow ceiling housing is used in
situations where it normally would be impossible to install potlights (occupied
joist space).

Pot Light Trim Types

The trim fits inside the housing and extends above all to form the outer ring you see when looking up at the ceiling. Below are the most common types of recessed lighting trims:

Gimbal trim

Gimbal trim pot lights

Gimbal Trim functions much like eyeball trim. Similarly, the lamp does not extend below the ceiling as much. When fully pivoted, housing blocks some of the light and redirects the stream.

Baffle Trim

Baffle Trim Pot Lights

Baffle Trim has ribbed interior that minimizes glare. Bulb fits up inside the fixture and is not flush with the ceiling. Moreover, about 5 years ago Baffle Trims used to be the most common recessed lighting trim.

Reflector Trim

Reflector Trim Pot Lights

Reflector Trim's bulb is inset as with baffle trim style.
The mirrored surfaces make the most of illumination. Tinting is available on some fixtures.

Open Trim

Open Trim Pot Lights

Open Trim bulb is flush or nearly flush with ceiling.
This type offers unrestricted illumination from the bulb.

Eyeball Trim

Eyeball Trim Pot Lights

Eyeball Trim pivots to focus light where you want it. Additionally, a great choice for accent or wall-wash lighting.

Pin Hole Trim

Pin Hole Trim Pot Lights

Pin Hole Trim narrows the light to a tight beam.
It can spotlight areas or items.

Wall-Wash Trim

Wall Wash Trim Pot Lights

Wall-Wash Trim is useful for highlighting features such as a fireplace or a painting. This is because a shield over half the light restricts light to a specific area.

Shower Trim

Shower Trim Pot Lights

Shower Trim has a tempered glass lens. Usefully Wet-location listed for use over a shower and in bathrooms.

Pot Light Bulbs
Light colors warm cold white

Potlight bulb color temperature

Initially when planning on Pot Light Installation, pay attention to the type and size of bulb or lamp the fixture uses. Some recessed lights work with screw-in bulbs while others use pin-base bulbs.

Likewise, factors such as color temperature, lumens and wattage all affect the quality of light in a room. Halogen and LED bulbs are the most common bulbs for recessed lights. Notably, LED lighting helps lower energy costs and the bulbs are cool to the touch.

Finally, in general it is suggested to look for a warm white color temperature for living rooms and bedrooms. A bright white color temperature for kitchens and workspaces works best and a daylight color temperature for reading books and studies.

Pot Light Sizes
Pot Light Sizes

Potlight Sizes

Potlights are typically available in sizes ranging from
1 to 8 inches in diameter. The size you need depends on the planned function and location of the light.

Small Pot lights fit well with modern decor styles. They are good for highlighting areas and work as accent or task lighting.

Larger lights work with more traditional looks and can be useful for room lighting. Keep in mind your ceiling height. Lights installed in a higher ceiling will cast wider  but more diffuse  light.

Pot Light Finishes
Potlight Trim finish styles

Pot Light Fixtures Finishes

Take a cue from the existing finishes in your home. If the door handles and cabinet hardware are all in brushed nickel, choose a trim in a complementary finish. White is usually your best option if you want the trim to blend in with the ceiling.

Popular Pot light trim finishes include: White, Black, Nickel, Chrome, Bronze, Silver.
You can also change the trim for a different finish or style at any time without changing the housing.


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Above all, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to suggest the absolute best pot light installation solutions for any situation.

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