Pot lights are now an extremely popular lighting option due to their sleek design, quick installation and immediate increase in value to your real estate investment. They are an inexpensive, energy efficient lighting solution and go well in nearly every room of your household.

With a wide variety of bulb options now available, not only will it give you different lighting levels and colors to compliment any taste, but you can even increase the energy saving benefits.

If you’re considering replacing your old lighting fixture, it is strongly suggested that you go for Potlights.

Pot Lights Installation - Vaffle Ceiling Potlights


Pot lights are very low-profile, set right into the ceiling providing the ability for installation even in low-ceiling rooms, where standard lighting could be a potential hazard. As pot lights provide a very professional and uniform look, they work exceptionally well for basements, kitchens and hallways.

Additionally, they are multi-directional, which means that the light does not necessarily need to shine down in the direction it is installed; it can be adjusted to fit the needs of the room.

Pot Lights Installation Toronto - Kitchen Potlights

Pot Lights & Under/Above Cabinet Lights

Worried this may interfere with existing fixtures? No need! Pot lights can be installed in a room that has a more decorative lighting fixture such as a chandelier to ensure that the room is uniformly lit. This would get rid of any unwanted and unattractive shadows. This makes the room feel more inviting and welcoming, without taking attention away from the more decorative lighting feature which is also likely to be the centerpiece of the room.

Pot lights can also be installed in suspended ceilings, high ceilings, insulated ceilings and some can even be installed in damp environments. The versatility of pot lights is immense, which makes them a great choice practically anywhere.

Pot Lights Installation - Kitchen Potlights

Kitchen Pot lights & lighting


Pot Lights Installation Bulkhead Potlights

Pot Lights

ALWAYS consult a professional when dealing with lighting as it involves the electrical wiring of your house. This prevents the risk of faulty wiring, electrical fires and overall damage to your household.

With Zeus you can rest assured that your lighting needs are in the hands of an electrician who is experienced and specialized in this task. All jobs are done by experts that use:

Certified Electrical Products

Certified electrical products – products that meet the Canadian Standards Association Policies and home building codes.

Electrical Certification Marks Ontario

Ontario Electric Certified Product Labels

Laser Trackers

Laser trackers – assuring your Pot light installation is aligned.

Alignment Tool

Customizable Cutting Tools

Customizable cutting tools – Tools that are made for Pot light installation for the different types of homes/ceilings.

hole saw cutting tool

Hole Saw Tool

Furniture Covers and Drop Sheets

Drop Sheets and Furniture covers to prevent Any possible mess or damage to your property.

Dropsheets and Furniture covers

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns about Pot Light lighting in the Toronto area, please feel free to visit our contact page or call Zeus Electric 647-391-3947 today!