Recessed lighting (or pot lights as they are commonly known) are widely known for their clean and modernized presentation, and upon installation, these pot lights will assure you a significant upgrade in your space’s overall aesthetic appearance that is prominent and immediately noticed.

Recessed lighting is well acknowledged as a highly efficient lighting source. This is due to the fact that it is manufactured specifically to use LED bulbs. There is also the option to use a dimmer switch, motion sensor or timer which allows you to control the intensity of the light allowing you to control your energy saving levels.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Although recessed lighting uses a low voltage LED bulbs, it manages to give off an amplified brightness of your room or space. They are more frequently used to light up an entire space evenly with just the flick of a switch. When placed evenly around the perimeter of a ceiling, pot lights can serve to make a space look larger and more functional.


Recessed lights installation - Corridor Lights

Corridor Recessed Lighting Installation Toronto

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Living Room Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting was first used in commercial, retail and industrial units as early as the 1940s as a way to maximize lighting efficiency and make offices look more aesthetically pleasing. They started using recessed lighting as a way to highlight their merchandise and add character to the space. Replacing a hanging fixture with a light source in the ceiling was a space-saving measure that had a clean look, provided adequate light for displays and accented certain areas. Because ceiling heights were typically lower during this era, recessed lights also made rooms look larger. These housings were paired with finishing trims to cover the unfinished holes in the ceiling.

Over the years, recessed lighting increasingly found its way into residential applications. This is because recessed lighting has the ability as a small investment to dramatically alter a space, making it look and feel more inviting and adding value to the home not to mention its simplicity and energy efficiency, as recessed lighting tends to use significantly less energy and last longer than the standard light bulb. In today’s world, it’s difficult to find a newer home that does not have recessed lighting.

For the past decade, the industry has been focused on another big shift. Department of Energy research shows that incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps are increasingly being replaced by LEDs. When it comes to recessed lighting, one added benefit of LEDs is that they allow for smaller holes. While we’ve been putting them into high-end hotels and restaurants for several years, they’ve gotten to a price point that’s reasonable for residential customers.


Recessed lighting installation - stretched ceiling potlights

Stretched Ceiling Pot Lights

In Canada, it has been mandated by the Electrical Safety Authority that all recessed lighting installations be completed by a certified electrician. Therefore, when considering electrical contractors to complete any recessed lighting project, it is critical that one ensures they choose the right contractor.

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Recessed lighting as proven to be very beneficial for any property’s value, but can become an enormous problem if the recessed lighting project is not completed by a professional.